Applied Research Services

  • Field Trials of Agronomic Crops:
    • Herbicide tolerance,
    • Corn Rootworm efficacy,
    • Lepidopteran efficacy,
    • Grain and Agronomic Traits,
    • Soybean Cyst Nematode efficacy
    • Seed Treatment Evaluations
  • Regulatory Trials
  • Insect Resistance Monitoring
  • Hand Pollinated Corn Nurseries
  • Soybean seed increases
  • Insect collections: Western Corn Rootworm, Northern Corn Rootworm, European Corn Borer, Corn Earworm, Southwestern Corn Borer, Fall Armyworm

Laboratory Services

  • Insect Assays
    • Leaf and pod assays (Lepidopeterans, Stinkbugs)
    • Corn rootworm plant assays
    • Resistance Monitoring
  • Research-scale insect population maintenance and egg production

Consulting Services

Black Cutworm Trial
  • Product Strategy
  • Trait Discovery and Development
  • Insect Resistance Management
  • Best Practices for Regulated Traits